2019 Wework taipei

Art Lead for Wework Taipei Songren Road

Interior Design Lead: Jenny Chuang

Company: WeWork


For many outsiders, Taiwan is a special memory point.
Whether it is culture, art, or poetry, there is a kind of “familiar strangeness”, a kind of near and far. Even for many people, it is more like a kind of “homesickness.”

As the first project in Taiwan, the artwork of this space wanted to present a story related to “Taiwan Time.”I used “In Our Time” as the theme of creation, and it is also the name of the first work of Taiwan’s new wave movie. It is full of Taiwan’s “Personage stories”.

Regarding the “time” of Taiwan, From the ocean to the mountains, from nature to humanities life. She used to be called “Formosa” in the old days. It means “beauty.” Taiwan, which is about 70% of the sea, is mountainous which has given us a wealth of creative resources in both nature and ecology.

Our arts present more natural elements. At the same time, We use flower windows, tiles, stone, cement, and other elements in the Taiwanese architectural style that we are familiar with to assist the creative ideas of art.